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*Currently taking bookings from May 2019*

Let’s Doula Birth Support – for the whole enchilada – $600.00 including GST

  • Free meet and greet – you don’t want to hire a stranger, do you? Come loaded with all your questions and concerns and we’ll get to know each other over a coffee.
  • 3 x prenatal sessions; this is where we do the hard work. I once had a horse-riding instructor who would say ‘you don’t win ribbons in the show ring, you win them in the paddock at home’ and I believe the same is true for birth. Over the course of three sessions we’ll develop your mental confidence, give you and your partner hands on tools to make birth better and prepare your home and relationship for your incoming baby.
  • Attendance throughout labour; birth is a major physical endeavour and like any other physical endeavour, having a dedicated support team can be the difference between what you want and what you get. Take no chances and have no fears, knowing that I will be there to support you throughout your birth experience.
  • 2 x postnatal visits; let’s wrap up our time together and take the opportunity to reflect on your birth experience – the highs, the lows and everything in between. This is also an opportunity for me to assist you with whatever difficulties you may be having and help you to get in touch with the support and services that are right for you.
  • Unlimited email and text support.
  • Access to a variety of birthing equipment, as well as my library of digital and audio files.

Let’s Doula Birth Preparation – for just a little bite – $250.00 including GST.

  • Free meet and greet – you don’t want to hire a stranger, do you? Come loaded with all your questions and concerns and we’ll get to know each other over a coffee.
  • 4 x prenatal sessions – you want the information, but you don’t want an extra person in the delivery room? That’s no problem. We’ll get together and go through it all, birth preparation 101. More than just an overview, you’ll leave with a solid understanding of the process of birth, resources to prepare your body and hands on techniques that your partner can use to assist you in birth. The sessions also include information relating to breastfeeding, the postnatal recovery period and a road map for planning out the changes that will take place in your home and relationship.
  • Unlimited email and text support.
  • Access to a variety of birthing equipment, as well as my library of digital and audio files.

Looking for something a little different? Get in touch and we can discuss a package and price to suit your needs.

"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear."

Jane Weideman

Frequently asked questions.

At what point in the pregnancy should I hire a doula?

Ideally, we’d get to know each other before the 20-week mark and meet regularly throughout your pregnancy. If you’re later along in your pregnancy, that’s fine too, it just means we need to make our meetings a priority. For my services to be most effective I would like to begin with a client no later than 36 weeks. However, hiring a doula at any time, even just a week before labour begins, can make a significant difference to your birthing experience.

What’s the difference between a doula and a midwife?

Simply put, a midwife works predominantly form the waist down and a doula works predominantly from the waist up.

A midwife is a trained medical professional. Certified nurse-midwives can perform gynaecological exams, provide prenatal care, administer pain medications, give labour-inducing drugs and monitor the foetus using electronic equipment and most importantly – deliver a baby!

A doula is a trained or highly experienced birth support provider. They provide constant care, non-medical pain relieving techniques during labour, such as breathing, massage, and helping you move into different body positions. They can also provide emotional support and act as an advocate on your behalf. In the event of an unplanned caesarean, a doula can help comfort you and give you extra attention to help alleviate fears and anxieties.

Does a doula take over from the partner?

It’s sometimes hard to convince a partner that I’m not going to take their role. The truth is, I can’t. Your partner knows you better than any other person on the planet. When you’re feeling drained and exhausted, it’s their touch and their voice which will release feel good hormones into your body. You’ll be leaning on them, supported by their body, feeling their love and care. I’ll be in the background, applying acupressure or light massage, running the shower for you or getting some water for you to drink.

I’m the second support person, never the first.

Will you come to my birth no matter when it begins?

Day or night, weekday or weekend, I’ll be there. That’s the commitment I make when I take on a client. For the two-week period either side of your pregnancy, I’ll be sleeping with my phone. I won’t leave my home city. I won’t engage in any activity which would prevent me from immediately coming to your aid.

It doesn’t matter what is happening – whether I’m sleeping, doing the groceries or at a birthday party – when I get that call, I’m all yours.   

I’m having a C-section – do I still need a doula?

Ask yourself – can I expect to be totally cool with the idea of being cut open? Especially if it’s an emergency? The answer is probably no. A C-section – whether it’s planned, chosen or emergency – is a huge experience, just as huge as vaginal birth, if not bigger. The support of a doula can ensure that you feel calm, confident and excited about that C-section.


Shelley provides invaluable care to new mothers. She is supportive, nurturing and most importantly realistic in her approach to help women adjust to motherhood.

Samantha Robinson

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