Leading up to the birth, Shelley was extremely supportive, listening to our worries and helping us to process our fears and doubts left over from our first pregnancy. Shelley followed up with these conversations by sharing positive birth stories, practical strategies and showing genuine empathy and support for our wishes. Throughout our sessions there was never a point where we felt disrespected, embarrassed or overwhelmed. Shelley didn’t push her birth philosophy on us at any point. We always felt that she was trying to understand what we wanted in our experience and went above and beyond to help us to attain it. During the birth Shelley was an essential part of our birthing team. She worked respectfully and assertively with the midwives and other medical staff, ensuring that the experience was as calm, peaceful and close to our birth plan as possible. Shelley was always mindful of my partner’s role in the birth, equipping him with a variety of skills to provide me non-medical pain relief. Without Shelley’s wisdom, guidance and encouragement I know that we wouldn’t have had the birth we wanted. We had a birth that we felt confident, assured and calm throughout. Leaving the hospital we had no regrets, no trauma to process and we were so proud and empowered.

Emma and Mark, September 2018

I imagined a doula would have me lathered up in essential oils, holding positive birth affirmation cards, in some impossible yoga position whilst trying to breathe new life out of my flower… Shelley listened to what I wanted and what I needed. She then gave me loads of fantastic information, challenged me and taught me practical skills I needed. I ended up having a planned c section. Which thanks to Shelly was a beautiful and empowered experience. I can’t imagine a more perfect birth than the experience we had. It was just magical.

Ann and Tim, August 2018

I recently gave birth to my first baby, Bloom. I had just moved to Wagga Wagga at the start of the year and I was in search of a doula. Wagga Wagga is a small town so I came to terms with the idea that there wouldn’t be one. Then Shelley popped up. We met to see if I’d like her, and instantly I knew she was it. What a loving kind soul. I just knew she got me, she had my feels. She attended my birth, and boy did she move mountains. I highly recommend her. She was my support, my care giver, my keeper throughout the whole labour. She worked in hand wth my husband, guided him, and never got in the way. Once bloom was born (27 hours later) she quietly left leaving us on cloud nine, knowing I did my best because she was there. Without her at my birth I don’t believe would have gone the way I hoped and dreamed of. She ensured I stayed on my path, on my terms where I could. She kept me strong.

Tara and Jason, December 2017


Shelley provides invaluable care to new mothers. She is supportive, nurturing and most importantly realistic in her approach to help women adjust to motherhood.

Samantha Robinson

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