Is a doula even necessary?

A doula provides what is often lacking from the modern-day birth experience; hands on prenatal preparation, constant support and intimacy. Which is nice on its own but there’s even more to be excited about – statistical evidence shows hiring a doula improves birth outcomes, which means shorter labours, fewer epidurals and C-sections and more birth happiness (

Does that mean that hiring a doula will ensure everything is going to go perfectly? Nope, no one can make that promise. What it does mean is that you’re going to be better prepared for whatever happens, you’re far more likely to have the birth you want and you’re going to come away from birth feeling like your body, your baby and your family were respected.

About Lets Doula

About Shelley Wylie Doula Services.

Shelley Wylie Doula Services provides care and support to women in four key ways;

  • Before, during and after – prenatal visits, attendance throughout labour and postnatal visits. It’s called continual care, it’s statistically proven to reduce the need for medical intervention and it’s one of the reasons more and more people are hiring doulas.
  • Mother, partner and baby – a doula understands that everyone has a role to play and she teaches everyone how to play that role. When a doula does a good job, everyone in the birth feels confident about their role and feels connected to the birth.
  • Emotional, physical and mental – it takes much more than a baby and a pelvis to give birth. Doula support is all-inclusive and seeks to give you a strong body, mind and heart, for the best birth possible.
  • Plan it, practise it, doula it – techniques, organisation and tools to make your birth experience as positive as possible. It’s going to take a bit of effort on your behalf but the truth is, a good birth experience doesn’t come from wishing and wanting. It comes from planning and practising – over and over again, until it’s second nature. I’ll help you to do that.

About Shelley Wylie.

Cheese loving world traveller, journal writer, avid reader, swearer, body confident thinker and learner, feminist, dog walking apple cider lover, scared of sharks and paper cuts, listener of history and true crime pod casts, serial organiser and full bodied women who finds it hard to turn down a dare. My interest in doula work started with my own birth (listen to my birth story here!). Never a women satisfied with following the crowd and living by the motto ‘knowledge is power’, I knew I wanted to be educated and empowered for my birth. I completed an online course with SheBirths and devoured every episode of The Birthful podcast, where I then went on to have a birth that made me feel like an Amazonian warrior. Truly, I’ve completed some major physical feats in my life and none of them compared to the sense of achievement that comes with birthing your child.


 People are quick to dismiss my experience, they call it just the luck of having good child bearing hips. But I’ll never accept that my positive experience was anything less than the result of careful preparation, educated confidence and informed support from my partner and sister, who trained with me. As of October 2018 I’m preparing to do it all over again with child number two and you bet your fat arse that I’m leaving no stone unturned. Whatever happens, I can feel assured and calm in the knowledge that I gave myself the best possible chance of having a second positive birth experience. I look forward to sharing it with you!


Shelley provides invaluable care to new mothers. She is supportive, nurturing and most importantly realistic in her approach to help women adjust to motherhood.

Samantha Robinson

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