Thank god you’ve found me. I’ve been waiting for you.

Let’s not muck around, this whole birth and babies thing is going to be rough. It’s also going to be amazing and it starts from the moment you find out you’re pregnant. You’re already imagining their first tree house and simultaneously thinking, how the fuck am I going to do this?

Take a big breath, sit down, have a sip of something non-alcoholic. You’re going to be okay, there’s nothing like impending birth to bring out you’re A-game. You’re not willing to go with the flow and see how it all works out. No, you want more than that. You want to be feel proud and empowered by your child’s arrival. You’re willing to prepare for it and determined to believe in the strength of your mind and body. Hell, you’re probably listening to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ as you read this.

I’m so keen to be a part of your birth. I’ve got so much to share with you. Let’s doula.


Shelley provides invaluable care to new mothers. She is supportive, nurturing and most importantly realistic in her approach to help women adjust to motherhood.

Samantha Robinson

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