Let’s not muck around, giving birth is not easy. It might be the hardest thing you ever do and it’s an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

How do you face a challenge?

What sort of women are you?

How will you give birth?

You’re not happy to ‘go with the flow’. You’re not willing to let another persons’ experience dictate your own. You certainly won’t settle for less

You believe in the strength and intuition of your body. You’re willing to prepare, mentally and physically, to strive towards the best possible outcome. You want to feel confident and empowered.

 I like the way you think. You’re my sort of woman and I’m pretty sure I’m your sort of doula.


Shelley provides invaluable care to new mothers. She is supportive, nurturing and most importantly realistic in her approach to help women adjust to motherhood.

Samantha Robinson

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